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A little bit about Me

I was born a Londoner in the deep south east (Lewisham/Catford, actually). I have lived in Hove, close to Brighton, on the South Coast of England since the early 1990s where I have been found taking professional photographs for over 30 years.

Self-taught, I initially learned photographic printing by making 'Cibachrome' prints from slides (film!) at the Camerawork Community Darkrooms in London’s Bethnal Green in the East End; and then moved on to colour negative and black and white printing. Nowadays all of my work is digital, although much of my earlier work is still originated from film. All but my largest works are printed by me in the studio using a state of the art archival/museum quality giclee printer printing on archival papers and using archival original manufacturers' inks.

I have a varied portfolio of travel photography, including my popular minimalist and colourful work as well as images of India and Italy. I have a large portfolio of floral work, and like to find beauty, humour and the absurd in life – as is seen in some of my images from Greece, Italy, Egypt, Africa and India, as well as those taken closer to home.

I have been interested in alternative philosophies for many years - and was an ordained Buddhist for over 25 years and still follow that philosophy of life (which can simply be put as 'kindness' , although there is more to it than that and it makes lots of sense. In my  portfolio are a number of calm images of Buddhist and other tranquil figures, many of which have been widely published. For over  20 years I ran my own publishing and design business producing Buddhist works and my photographs have been used for many cover designs for international publications and books including Shambhala Publications and Penguin USA. One of my images of Brighton Pavilion was used for the cover of the 'Viva Guide to Vegetarian Brighton' back in the 1980s, and I had one of my images used recently on a book on Mindfulness published in the USA.

I have a loyal number of clients in the UK and overseas, who enjoy and collect my work.  I am a former Vice-President of the Brighton & Hove Camera Club, and was also Chair of the Hove Arts Group, part of the Artists Open Houses which are held during the Brighton Festival.

Now retired from regular sales of my work, I used to run my own open house as part of the Brighton and Hove Artists' Open House festival under the umbrella of 'Hove Arts' for many years and have exhibited my photographs and other work in Open Houses for over 14 years. These days I do not display my work in these spaces, preferring to put my energy into mounting public exhibitions and working on other projects. 

I have exhibitions in Brighton and Hove including three large medical venues - 2 NHS and one private,

and my remaining greetings cards - I have stopped printing them since retiring from retail work - can be purchased from a number of places but no longer directly from me. 

Click here to see those venues where I have work on display and where you can purchase my remaining Greetings Cards.

Best wishes,


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